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No-stress kitty party planning

It’s that time again-you’re hosting a kitty party at home. And you want to make your kitty party the most memorable one for your friends. You’re worried about the hassles that come with party planning, from kitty party themes to hiring one of the kitty party organizers with big promises and bigger bills.

It’s time to stop worrying. partyManao.com has put together some useful kitty party ideas for you, so that planning for your event is simple and stress-free, and your kitty party is rated as the best among your kitty party friends.

For best results, use our party planner to help you organize your event.

  • Kitty party themes

    Think of some unheard-of or unusual kitty party themes that could have great fun potential. Select a kitty party theme that your friends will enjoy, such as beauty, fashion or film-related.
  • Food

    Planning the menu for your party well in advance will give you more time to deal with other pressing issues like organising kitty party games. Ideally, your menu should be a three-course meal with some side dishes. It would be a good idea to include a couple of elaborate dishes that evoke gasps of admiration from your guests. Also plan some dishes that go well with the theme.
  • Entertainment

    List ideas for kitty party games that are both engaging and interesting. Housie or Tambola are common, but there are a number of other games you could base on your theme to make the party a well-rounded affair. For example, if your theme is film-related, you could have round or two of dumb charades.
  • Infotainment

    Don’t restrict event planning to games, but make it an informational party, with a cooking or calligraphy demo. You could also organize a talk or discussion with a social activist or beauty experts.
  • Party planning

    Once you have a framework for your kitty party ready, use our party planner to take care of your meal requirements and book your event.
  • Playing host

    It’s essential for kitty party organizers to make their guests feel comfortable. Interact with all your guests, rather than singling out one or two. Welcome your guests wholeheartedly, and thank them when they leave. Remember to keep the conversation as light-hearted as possible. And most importantly, smile and leave your worries behind. Kitty party planning can be fun!
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