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Plan a rocking graduation party

Exams over! You’re done with your final exam at college, or your kid’s just finished high school-it’s time to party!

You may have never planned a graduation party before, but event planning can be easy and fun! You don’t need party organizers, just some simple event planning tips to make the graduation party a hit. Use our graduation party planner to help you plan for your big event.

All graduation party ideas should focus on being fun-from the entertainment to the food. Here are some great graduation party ideas to get you going.

Before you start event planning, answer these few simple questions:

  • What is the budget?
  • Where will the graduation party be held?
  • How many guests are expected?
  • Date

    You can have your graduation party either before or after graduation day. Either way, plan the event to make sure that the party is close to the last day at school or college.
  • Food and drinks

    Young graduates have varying tastes in food, so choose a simple, yet enjoyable, menu from the graduation party planner. Non-messy and practical finger foods work well at graduation parties. If you are planning to have a lot of dancing, opt for more appetisers and fewer main course dishes. You can also experiment with dishes to make them more fun and easy to handle, such as mini burgers and coin pizzas. Don’t go overboard on dessert, most young people enjoy yummy pastries and cupcakes. Party organizers will also ask if alcoholic drinks are to be served, this will depend on the age of the guests.
  • Entertainment

    Good event planning requires plan the entertainment in advance. You need to have a mix of games, music and dancing. While party planning, jot down ideas for games and fun group activities that can serve as icebreakers, along with exciting prizes. Plan some music-based games to keep the party going. Allot some time after the games for music and dancing. A good graduation party planner will ensure that the music is up-to-date and in line with current favourites among the crowd. Keep the CDs, speakers and music system ready before the party. You may choose to hire a DJ for the graduation party, an option available in our graduation party planner.
  • Theme

    Party organizers recommend themes for graduation parties as these spice up the party. Make sure the theme is current, popular and easy to implement. Brainstorm for ideas for the graduation party theme and come up with possible decorations, dress code and games.

    Planning your graduation party well in advance and thinking out of the box will make your graduation party the most happening in town!
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