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Tips for the perfect dinner date

Have an anniversary coming up? Or your partner’s birthday? Time to stop thinking and start planning a dinner date with your special someone. But romantic dinner date ideas are hard to come by, and your dinner date can be ruined by the tiniest oversight or a petty detail. Here are a few dinner date tips that will ensure that your evening out is perfect.

  • Stuck for dinner date ideas?

    Think ahead. Why only a meal? You can plan some fun things you can do together before dinner—a long drive, a romantic movie, dancing at a club, or a day at the spa. The time you spend together will help set the mood for the dinner date to follow.
  • Time it right

    Avoid planning a dinner date at the end of a long working day or week. Choose a day when you know you won’t need to work late or attend to last-minute client calls. You won’t enjoy the date if you’re too tired.
  • Dress up

    Suiting up for the dinner date is an excellent idea, as it will make you feel the evening is more special than your regular nights out. Make sure your clothes are comfortable and appropriate for the restaurant and occasion.
  • Ambience

    Create a romantic ambience with mildly-scented candles, some flowers, dim lights, and soft music that both you and your partner enjoy. Instrumental music and love songs are ideal. The location of the restaurant can play a role in setting the right mood, especially if it’s by the beach, on top of a high-rise building, or has a private dining area.
  • Do not disturb

    Don’t talk about work, meetings or any other stressful topics. Also, remember to turn off your mobile phone.
  • The Meal

    Even though the food may take a backseat in the midst of a romantic conversation, a poorly planned or badly cooked meal can ruin the mood. So make sure you choose the dishes your sweetheart will enjoy, and select a tried-and-tested restaurant (but not the one you visit every week!). Also, you can ask the restaurant staff for ideas to make your dinner date more special, such as with a customized dish. A handy dinner date tip is to pre-order the meal.
  • Beverages

    Wine is an eternal favourite for dinner dates. You could opt for champagne or creatively-mixed mocktails depending on your partner’s preferences.
  • Dessert

    No dinner date is complete without dessert. Most chocolate desserts are ideal for the date, or you can ask for the chef’s special or other tips from the restaurant.

    Use our dinner date tips and use your creative ideas and thoughts, to turn your next meal into a memorable dinner date.
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